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    'Love Geneva' is the popular Motto you see on bumper stickers around town and in downtown’s store fronts these days, but 'Love Geneva' isn't simply a motto for me. But for me, 'Love Geneva' is a way of life.
    I am proud to say that Geneva is the city where I'm from and it is where I chose to raise my family and rather than wait and see what the city government chooses to do in hopes of addressing the stagnant economic and social climate we are currently experiencing, I feel it is time for me to get off the side-line and get in the game, as a candidate for Geneva City Council. We live in a very diverse community and for the city to work for all people, we need a diverse group of voices at the table. My voice is your voice.
    My name is Mark L Gramling. I was born in 1974 to Harry and Marcel Gramling. My dad is the founder and Bishop of God’s Revealed Truth and as a preachers son from an early age I was taught the importance of faith and community. My dad always taught me that it is vital that you not only talk about change that you wish to see, but that you actually contribute to the change if you really want to make it become a reality. We need less talkers, and more doers.
    I graduated from Geneva High in 1993, When I walked that stage on graduation night, I was already a young father but rather than becoming a statistic, I am happy to say that I married my high school sweetheart, Paulette Ward, and apart from raising a beautiful family including four lovely children, I got to work involved in the fields of education, communication, and musically working alongside my father's ministry. In 2001 I channeled my skill-set which revolved around working with people and joined NYSEG in the customer service department and have diligently worked my way up in the field of Utilities Construction & Maintenance. But my passion for social justice and community activism have remained critically important to my life and rather than just letting my words speak, I have always let my actions speak.
    After being an active member of the Geneva Human Rights Commission I went on to become the co-chairman of the local organization. I currently am an active member of Tools for Social Change, created for and by the citizens of Geneva and I also volunteer with the Geneva neighborhood resource center and work with Geneva's diverse community of young people. I know that to insure that the future is bright for the cities youth, adults must be there for our children. They were there for me and that ‘Give Back’ approach is a model of citizenship that I practice and I look to extend that type of responsibility while serving on the City Council.
    As an At Large Member, I believe I can bridge a gap that has never before been bridged in Geneva's history . I will be the peoples councilmen in a bipartisan way. An absolute voice for the people without my own agenda. My concerns will be the concerns of the citizens of this city. I will encourage the utilization of local talent through our commissions, and neighborhood initiatives with volunteers who have the expertise to help the city through providing other voices. This is a true democracy at work. I also want to encourage and support small and local businesses and make sure that they are put on a level playing field with large businesses. I think that this will help us become a stronger and more vibrant community. Most of all, I want Geneva to keep its unique qualities and its sense of community while progressing and growing. Providing opportunities for its divers citizens. It takes someone with the vision to lead Geneva to sound management and prosperity. I can fulfill those needs. My contributions are from the grassroot citizens and I will represent your interests. I will listen and be accountable to you! while working together with the other elected officials.
    I have lived in the city for several decades now but I believe I'm still young enough to understand what is on the mind of our young people, who must also have their voices heard. We need to strive for inclusiveness and real democracy and I want to harness my energy, experience, and understanding of the cities strengths and weaknesses to insure that Geneva is the best city it can be. If you too Love Geneva, I would appreciate your support come November.
    Thanks for your time and I look forward serving as your City Council member,
    Mark Gramling


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