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GENEVA -- What a gorgeous morning greeted Genevans today. Spring sun on the last dusting of snow. It is really just time-delayed rain. It will melt away through the day. I know some tire of winter a bit, but as someone who lived in the sunbelt for 35 years, there is such rejuvenation in a few months of snow and cold. Mild cleansing, insect elimination, moisture and life everywhere. In the land of endlessly whirring air-conditioners, dust and dirt, lightning and tornadoes, hurricanes and firestorms that move across hillsides like a blowtorch, are a constant threat. Something like 16 Floridians a year are killed by bolts from the afternoon blue. Compare that to some healthy snow shoveling, some days in front of a warm fire with a glass of Billsboro red or Johannas' SanSan riesling. Not so bad.
And these days, I am honored daily by witnessing life in a city with deep roots and strong connections. A farmer called yesterday offering fresh eggs for our grocery deliveries with the Boys & Girls Club. Another offered garlic ramps. B & D Market brought family pans of lasagna. And our friends at Bella's Restaurant are hunting down Skittles, Starbursts and Flaming Hot Cheetos for several hundred kids restricted to tight quarters.
I'll take the snow -- even this late dusting after a mellow winter.

-- Chris Lavin, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Geneva



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  • Thanks Chris for this beautiful piece.  I'm happy to see that you are still there working in a job that supports the children of Geneva.  I remember you and your family fondly.  I live in Illinois now.  I miss Geneva and often think how lucky I was that my mother and I moved there when she was hired to teach at Hobart & William Smith in 1959.  It was a wonderful place to grow up.  I am still in touch with friends from kindergarten on.  Stay well and keep up the good work.  Hello to Mary, Christine, Greg, and the rest of your family.

    Emily (Goldstein) Colton


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