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Club Will Offer Before School Care

GENEVA -- To aid Geneva's families and the City School District, the Boys & Girls Club will offer before school care starting at 7 a.m. every morning at its Geneva Community Center location. The service is free and open to any parents or gaurdians whose work demands require dropping students off earlier than the official start times at each school location. Before school care will not be available at school sites due to the COVID-19 virus protocols.

Parents will have to register for this service. Registration forms can be filled out at 160 Carter Road during regular business hours or can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

"COVID has forced us to re-think how our staff and facilities can best meet the needs of our members, their families and the greater community,'' said Chris Lavin, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club. "The challenges posed by new school schedules and procedures clearly requires that the whole community pitch in to make things work. Our club will be doing all we can.''

Students will be temperature screened upon arrival at the club each morning and will be required to wear masks at all times during these before-school hours. Breakfast will be served and students will be transported to their school buildings in club vans and buses in time for the start of the school day.

This is one of two special services being developed by the Boys & Girls Club to help Geneva's students adjust to the COVID-19 health requirements. The club will also operate a daily "Homework Haven" to assist 6th through 12th graders in adjusting to online learning techniques. Safe socially-distanced study carrels will be established and assistance with technology and reaching online classes and resources will be supplied from 7:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m. daily. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Further information on this service can be obtained by calling the club's 160 Carter Road location at 315-759-6060.

To manage these new services and to meet Health Department requirements, traditional after-school child care will be limited at the club's two location to children in grades 1 to 5 only. Older club members will continue to be engaged by club staff through events and programs operated outside club locations.

"We need to have the space for social distancing and also need to assure that the youngest members, who can't be home alone after school, have access to the club locations,'' Lavin said. "Luckily, Geneva is a compact community and we will still be able to get out and make sure our older students have food and support too.''

Since the COVID-19 crisis closed schools in March, the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva has been a major source of food throughout the Geneva community. The club delivered more than 70,000 meals as well as bi-monthly boxes of fruits and vegetables to more more than 400 Geneva families. Lavin said the club will not abandon that role.

"This crisis is not over,'' Lavin said. "With many families strill struggling to find work, we intend to keep feeding our members, their families and as many people in need as we can. Our food plans for the new school year are still taking shape, but will be announced soon.''

Lavin said staffing hours and food costs will continue to spiral for the club as this crisis unfolds.

"Our food costs jumped from $8,000 per month to more than $24,000 per month when this crisis hit,'' Lavin said. "But Genevans pitched in graciously and we've managed to keep it going.'' 

Donations can be made directly by CLICKING HERE



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