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Geneva High School’s Panther Pitch Finalists left to right: Sydney Mittiga, Jack Harris, Alan Cha, Nicole Morley, Bryna Gage, Cassidy Prejean, and Joon Jhang.

Come See Panthers Make Their Pitch

GENEVA – Ice cream infused with sprinkles. A high end clothing line that contributes profits to local charities. Love expressed with jewelry formed from recycled goods.
These are just a few of the ideas that young Geneva entrepreneurs hopes can send them along the road to riches.
The Second Annual Panther Pitch – a sort of Shark Tank event without sharks sponsored this year by Red Jacket Orchards – will be held at the Geneva Community Center, 160 Carter Road, Wednesday, March 28th at 7 p.m. The young entrepreneurs, all winners from a business class competition at Geneva High School, will appear on stage and try and persuade a panel of local business leaders that their idea is the next hot thing in the Finger Lakes.
The public is invited and admission to the Pat Collins Black Box Theater is free and Red Jacket refreshments will be served.
“We have some really sharp ideas this year,’’ said Stephen Muzzi, the GHS teacher who partners with Hobart and William Smith Colleges Entrepreneurial Study Program to incubate these ideas each year. “Geneva’s kids have a lot of energy for pursuing both good and good ideas. The goal was to propose innovative ideas with a social conscience. ‘’’
The five finalists, who will present at next Wednesday’s event, were selected from among all students in Muzzi’s economics classes. HWS students, who are in the local colleges’ own entrepreneurial studies program, have mentored their high school counterparts and a number of them will be on hand to watch the high school entrepreneurs stand and deliver. Andrew Silard the winner of the 2018 HWS Pitch will share his pitch that night.

This year’s competitors, all seniors, include:

 Cassidy Prejean , proposing a project that matches the homeless up with abandoned pets to result in homes for both.
 Jackson Harris, creating a high-end clothing line that promotes Geneva pride by allowing buyers to direct a percentage of their spend to local charities.
 Alan Cha and Joon Jhang, suggesting a Korean confectionery and culinary business that promotes cultural understanding.
 Nicole Morley and Bryna Gage, a mobile ice cream truck serving soft-serve products with sprinkles “infused” throughout the product.
 Sydney Mittiga, who is proposing to launch “Wood You Marry Me,” a jewelry store that will create wedding and engagement rings made of local recycled materials.

The judges for this year’s Panther Pitch include:
 James Emery Elkin, local restaurant and bar owner.
 Amy Forbes, Associate Director of Hobart and William Smith Colleges Centennial Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
 Sage Gerling, Acting City Manager and director of the city’s Neighborhood Resource Center.
 Craig Talmage, who teaches in the HWS Entrepreneurial Studies program.

Panther Pitch is being hosted at the Boys & Girls Club’s Community Center and is sponsored by Red Jacket Orchards, a Geneva-based company that sells fruit and fruit juices throughout the U.S.

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Spring Book Sale

Twice a year at the library, there is a time when you can actually take books home and not worry about due dates! The Foundation for the Geneva Public Library is holding their annual Spring Book Sale, April 2nd-13th! So if you’re looking for some good books, this is the place to be. The Sale will run during the Library’s normal operating hours, and will be held on the Ground Floor in the Community Room. For a full list of dates and prices, please visit our website.

The books that are sold at the sale are provided generously by the Geneva community and our patrons, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them. Whether it’s just one book or multiple boxes full, each donated book to the sale is what makes this possible.

For more information on the sale and the Foundation of the GPL, please visit our website at or call 315-789-5303

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Letter From Slovakia

A Short  And Busy Month 

SLOVAKIA -- Well so far February felt like it has gone by the fastest, partially because it has less days but mostly due to the fact that I had a pretty busy month, I went skiing for a week! I have been having a great time and adapting to my new family and home was harder than I thought, but everything is going well!

So I’ll start with my new family! The Urban family. I now live with my 2 host parents who teach at my school so I get to see them there. I also have 2 younger host brothers. The older is Matus who is 14 and also goes to my school in an 8 year program in his 4th year, that’s a really long time to go to one school 0.0 The younger is Jakub, he is 5 years old and has a TON of energy! I really like to play with him. He is always talking and doesn’t stop until he falls asleep. It fun for me to talk to him because I understand him better because I am closer to his level of Slovak than regular people. But together we live in a 4 room apartment with a kitchen. We have people living on 4 sides of the 6 so sometimes I can hear people talking, music playing, and one time a party. But the people were quiet so I could sleep, very considerate of them. But this was a big change for me living in a big house before in the States and then a house with my first family. I am a quiet person but it was a change to really have to be quiet for a reason and trying to explain to Jakubko that he can’t yell at night either because people are trying to sleep too! That was funny to try to explain that in Slovak. Thankfully Ondrejka came and explained it to him better. But the space is another thing. I have my room to myself, I think it was the room of oldest son who is now in Canada and will come back and we will have 6 people living here for about a half month. That will be interesting! But they are a very nice family, more quiet than my last family, naturally, and I think it might also because of Jakub and they have to give him a lot of attention and when he finally sleeps they need that time to breathe too :P  But they are a great family and I am happy to be staying with them.

Now I’m going to get into some of the trips I took in March! I went to a few cool places and as before I said I went skiing! But I’ll stick to chronological order. So in the beginning of the month I went to Nitra! There also went the 3 other students from my town and that was awesome! In total there was about 10 of us there and it was a great time to be with the other students and see a new town! We walked around the beautiful town which had a castle and I think that the first king of Slovakia is from Nitra, so it was cool to hear little facts about that! Nitra is the 4th largest city in Slovakia with about 85 thousand people! The view from the castle was wonderful, even though there were clouds and it was a little cold it was still a great time with the other students. Then a few days later with my school I went to Bratislava to see a play in English! We didn’t have a lot of free time because the bus couldn’t go normal speed with the snowy weather. But we ended up having about 30mintues to wander around a mall and find some food and McDonalds. That is one thing that I don’t really miss. I noticed something… It is hard to describe because here the essence of McDonalds is different in that when people go it’s kind of a bigger event because it’s famous whereas in the states it’s like the place to go when we can’t decide, so pretty much always. The people we are with make it kind of like a bigger deal and to me its just a McDonalds. A little observation I made… a cultural difference! But the play we saw was Oliver Twist and that was really cool to see because it’s a classic and I read the book for the first time a few weeks earlier. The play was put on by British group and they were wonderful. Then the rest of the week went by incredibly slowly because on Sunday I went for Rotary Ski Week! Which was amazing! So about 70 exchange students went to Jasna Ski Resort in the Small Tatras, Slovakia. This is supposedly the best resort in Slovakia. I can say that it is a wonderful resort with lots of runs to ski or snowboard, but there are a lot of people that go. I actually have been skiing this year (I usually snowboard) and it has been a blast and I was in the best group of skiers! I really think from the skiing aspect of the trip we got the most out of the week because we went all around the mountain and we didn’t have to wait for slower people or just because there were only 6 of us in the group J We skied for 5 days Monday to Friday. On Tuesday we had a Brazilian Carnival dance party in the hotel and that was so fun to dance with everyone and wearing my costume but then getting glitter all over everything was kind of a setback but it was still fun because we all every doing and a shower got it all off so no big deal J Moving on for 4 out of the 5 days there were clouds that we couldn’t see the sun but on Thursday we had amazing, clear and sunny, weather and we took hundreds of pictures to add to our collections from this year. I will of course add some below and I hope they do a good job of portraying the beauty there! On this day I asked if we could go to the highest point on the top of the mountain, to the Chopok (pronounced Ho-pok) and there the view was amazing. We could see the High Tatras and everything was amazing there. Being above the clouds is always a beautiful experience. The shared experiences of being in Slovakia has really brought the exchange students together. This week was the longest time we exchange students were together and it was the best and we can’t wait for our next trip together, EuroTour which will be for 14 days! These other students are some of my best friends here and probably some of the best I will have in my life. The experiences I am having here are once in a lifetime and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity. After this week I was really tired and actually a little sick so I stayed home and relaxed and slept a lot and enjoyed the Olympics! Then A few days later I played in a basketball tournament for my school where we played 2 for 4 and that was fun to represent my school again. I also went to a basketball game for the Piestansky Cajky (Piestany Seagulls) and there were lots of people and the atmosphere was great! I saw a lot of people from my school there and there were a lot of people in general at the game but the Cajky lost L But these were kind of the main events of my month and it went by so fast I have no idea how the next months will go because I have even more events and soon enough I will be back in the US.

But when I can I am still playing hockey 3 times a week and I started playing basketball on Sundays and I also started playing soccer with one of my classmates with other gentlemen who play soccer very well, opposite of me where I can run way longer than them but they can always get the ball from me or I can’t ever get the ball from them :P But its all for fun and I really enjoy playing and learning a new sport. Overall everything is great and I would totally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in doing an exchange program. There are so many opportunities from Rotary  and meeting all of these amazing people has for sure change my life already. Also you can learn a new language, or get better at one you’ve learned. Anyways that’s all for this month! I hope you all are doing well too, Dovidenia! Goodbye!

James Williams is a 2017 graduate of Geneva High School. He is spending a gap year in Slovakia as part of a Rotary International program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Geneva.

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Historical Society Sponsors Trips

Join the Geneva Historical Society and First Choice Travel for two unique excursions in 2018 –a day trip to the 1000 Islands (July 12) and a three day bus trip to Washington, D.C. (September 27-29).


The day trip to the 1000 Islands will begin with free time in Alexandria Bay followed by a lunch cruise on the St. Lawrence River with Uncle Sam Boat Tours . At the end of the cruise we will disembark at Heart Island and enjoy a self-guided tour of Boldt Castle.  The cost is $135 per person and includes motor coach transportation, tour manager, lunch, all admissions, and driver’s gratuity. Payment in full is due by May 4.    Make checks payable to: 1st Choice Educational Tours. The bus will leave from the Staples Plaza on Routes 5 & 20 in Geneva on July 12 at 7 a.m. and will turn to Geneva around 9 p.m.



Activities for the Washington DC trip include tours of the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Gettysburg Battlefield, Ford’s TheaterLincoln’s CottageLibrary of Congress, and Mount Vernon.  There will be substantial walking during the trip.  The cost for the trip is $579 per person double occupancy.  A $179 deposit due on April 13.  A second payment of $200 is due by June 1 and a final payment based on hotel occupancy is due on August 3.  Make checks payable to: 1st Choice Educational Tours.  The three-day trip includes motor coach transportation, tour manager, two nights’ accommodations, two breakfasts, two dinners and all admissions.   On September 27 the bus will leave from the Staples Plaza on Routes 5 & 20 in Geneva  at 6:00 a.m. and will turn to Geneva around 10:00 p.m. on September 29.

A minimum number of participants are required for both trips to run and seating is limited. For more information or reservations, contact Kerry Lippincott at 315-789-5151 or

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GPL Basket Raffle 2018

 It’s time for the 2018 Basket Raffle! The baskets are out now, and can be found on the Main and Ground Floors. We’re raffling off baskets for all ages, from Buffalo Bills gear to Family Baking Fun to a huge Olaf from Frozen, we’ve got over 70 baskets to try for! The drawings will be held on March 10th at 10 AM in the Community Room.

Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00, and are being sold at the Main and Ground Floor Desks. Be sure to like our Facebook page where we’ll be posting ticket specials through March 9th! All proceeds go towards purchasing items for the children’s and YA collections.

To see pictures of all our baskets (and scope out the ones you want), please visit our website.


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Geneva Music Scene

Geneva's Double Piano Gift

GENEVA -- Geneva is the honored home to two concert piano talents that would be at home on the best stages of the world's arts capitals.
Meg Heaton and Hilda Collins have been performing together for years and their talent and familiarity make their two-piano performances models of that rare art form.
You can see them free on March 11 at 4 p.m. in the new environs of the Gearan Center for the Performing Arts at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
A great treat without New York City's costly hotel and ticket prices -- right here in Geneva.

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